Chipless Epson Workforce WF-2750 Printer and Continuous Ink System (CISS)

We are proud to announce that we are now able to offer a chipless printing system for the Epson Workforce WF-2750DWF A4 printer. The printer no longer requires a microchip set on the ink cartridges to function and will always show the ink levels as full.

The chipless Workforce WF-2750DWF is available in two bundles;

The Standard Dye Bundle – for your everyday printing of documents, photos and other media.

The Dye Sublimation Bundle – for ceramic, textile and other sublimation substrate heat transfers.


What are the benefits? Well, basically the printer will print indefinitely, it will never stop to ask for new ink cartridges, it will never require the ink levels to be reset and will never stop printing during a print run.

  • The printer  will never stop and ask for new ink cartridges.
  • The printer always thinks the ink cartridges are full.
  • No stopping during print jobs.
  • No more annoying messages about non genuine inks.
  • No low ink warnings.

This is hugely beneficial to customers requiring a printer that can print very large print runs without the need to worry about the printer stopping part way through the print job to ask for new ink cartridges. With one of our modified Epson Workforce WF-2750 printers this is possible.  No more stopping to reset ink levels or change ink cartridges. No more part printed sheets. No more interruptions during the print run.

The only user involvement would be to simply ensure the external ink tanks have adequate ink in them and are not allowed to physically run out of ink as the printer will continue to print even if no liquid ink is present.

Ink Express chipless Epson Workforce WF-2750 printer are modified by our technicians prior to sale to make them chipless. A standard WF-2750 will not be chipless, but we are looking to offer a chipless conversion service in the near future. We also hope to widen the range of chipless printers that we can supply.

The Epson Workforce WF-2750 is a fantastic, robust printer. Suitable for very heavy work loads, large print runs and a high monthly page yield. It is ideal for a medium to large business requiring reliable full colour printing in A4.

It works well on all waterbased inks and we have tested them with our dye, pigment and sublimation inks without any issues at all.

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