Little Inklings #2: 3D Bio-Printing and FREE World Cup Printables

Welcome to Ink Express’s latest “Little Inklings” round up, bringing you printing bits and pieces, workplace cleverness and all the most ink-credible creations from across the world and the web.

This week, discover an artist who creates photorealistic images of retro comedy greats, find out how bio-printing could be the future of organ transplantation and download the best FREE World Cup printables!

Artist Recreates Comedy Classics


We may prefer the printed picture here at Ink Express, but we also love art created meticulously by hand. Portrait artist Steve Lilly TWITTER: specialises in beautiful hand-drawn portraits, commemorating our late British comedy greats. Alongside portraits of clients (and their dogs!) Steve has a penchant for old comedic gold and has created a huge body of work depicting our favourite characters from old favourites including Dad’s Army, On the Buses and Laurel & Hardy. Well worth a peek if you’re a fan of the golden oldies.

Doctors Bio-Print Vascular Networks


The 3D Printer Cafe TWITTER: are reporting that researchers at the Universities of Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Sydney have successfully collaborated in bio-printing a human vascular network. With thousands of people still waiting for organ transplants, this is an incredible step towards one day being able to create fully functional organs suitable for use in the human body. We might offer state-of-the-art printing supplies to UK businesses, but we’re not quite that high-tech. Kudos!

Printer Ink Costs More Than Human Blood, Apparently


According to funsters over at Best of 9Gag, you can pick up a pint of human blood for much less than a pint of printer ink . We don’t like to disagree, but we’d recommend that you give our prices a gander before you start filling your printer with O Positive…

Printable World Cup Resources to Get You in the Mood


Does your workplace have football fever? Are you tired of Googling tonight’s fixtures only to forget them 5 minutes later? Never fear! There is a whole host of printable World Cup resources you can print out and pin up to get everyone in the mood and in the loop. We recommend:

Are your colleagues World Cup crazy? How are you celebrating all the football in your office? Does your printer ink cost more than human blood? Share your thoughts and finds with our readers below!

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