Little Inklings – December: Algae Ink & Printers on Wheels

Hello there! Season’s Greetings and a warm welcome back to Little Inklings, Ink Express’s online place to share news, information and resources all about printing and ink. From interesting stories to helpful tips for small businesses keen to save money on printing, we collect the best blogs from around the web, all about printing and ink.

This festive season, discover the brand new, amazing ink made from algae which develops over time to create time -lapse drawings , get your printer cyber security in check and watch 3D printing get its skates on…

New Algae Ink Makes Time Lapse Drawings


Gizmodo is always a great source of weird and wonderful creations from theworld of ink and printing. This monthAndrew Liszewski has brought usnews of an incredible new inkmade from algae which begins its life on the page completely invisibly, but develops into your drawing over time as the small amounts of cyanobacteria, algae, and chlorophyll reproduce rapidly when exposed to sunlight. Pretty cool, no? Perhaps not especially useful in the office, but absolutely indispensible if you’re in the business of leaving secret messages. Check outLiving TechnologiesKickstarter to back the cool creation.

Does Your Cyber Security Policy Cover Networked Printers?


The digital security of our printers is not something many people ever really consider. Frequently seen as a tool which performs a function but does not retain data, printers are frequently overlooked as a potential cyber security risk to businesses and as a potential gateway into companies’ networks. Yet, asChloe Green reports forInformation Age, only 44% of respondents to a survey of 2000 global IT professionals claimed that their security policy included networked printers.

Keen to tighten up your security and ensure your printer doesn’t pose a threat to your business, data or clients?Chloe’s blog is full of helpful information which outlines potential printer pitfalls and how to avoid them.

3D Printers Get Wheels


We may stick to traditional, affordable 2D “ink on paper” printing here at Ink Express, but we’re also fascinated by what our 3D printing friends are up to at the cutting edge of technology. As this interesting piece from3Dersexplains, one problem which has long faced the 3D printing industry is that of portability. One of the most common ways to navigate this issue has been to downsize the technology, making it increasingly compact. Yet downsizing can often lead to losses in terms of the technology and components which can fit “on board”. The alternative? 3D printers on wheels. Take a look at3Ders fascinating blog on the subject to find out more – and what the future may have in store.

Is your printer cyber security under control? Do you fancy a play with Living Technologies new bio-pens? Have your say in the comments section below.

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