Little Inklings – February: Dash Replenishment & Printer Rants

Hello, hello and welcome back to Ink Express’s Little Inklings roundup. Every month we deliver low cost ink and printing supplies to businesses across the UK – and we also serve up a fresh round of news, views, tips and how tos direct from the world of ink and printing. From helpful tips to make your printer do more and cost less, to weird news from the front lines of printer science, we’ve packed this month’s roundup with some great stuff.

This month – Discover Samsung & Amazon’s ink replenishment service (a great, time-saving idea or false economy?), check out the latest ground-breaking ink, PLUS read the rantings of an angry man desperately trying to print some documents.

Samsung & Amazon Team Up For Ink Replenishment Service


We’re confident you’ll recognise this scenario: You have an urgent meeting, you’re rushed off your feet, you need to print out some essential documents as a final task before you go and – uh-oh! – the printer’s out of ink. Cue: panic and frustration.

This month Samsung and Amazon revealed that they have teamed up in a bid to conquer this common issue with a special ink replenishment service called Dash. By connecting directly with your Amazon account, your Samsung printer will now be able to automatically order replacement inks and toners when your devices are getting low. To date there are four models of Samsung printer which have this capacity – you can find out more about them in this article from Slash Gear.

  • Do you think this service is a great time-saving idea or likely to run up substantial expenses? Have your say below.

Russian Scientists Develop Eco-Friendly Colour Ink


This article published by TASS announces the development of a colourless colour ink which never fades and which is entirely harmless when it comes to environment. Created by scientists at the St Petersburg University of IT, Mechanics & Optics, the brand new ink uses nanostructures to create interference images on a page using inkjet printers. Unlike traditional printer inks used in most systems at the moment – this new technique is totally non-toxic and does not harm the environment.

Alistair Dabbs Feels Your Printing Pain?


Has your printer got the better of you yet again? Has your set up interfered negatively with your professional life one too many times? Before you throw the whole lot out of the window – why not try a little catharsis by reading this hilarious post from Alistair Dabbs, published on The Register, all about the frustrations triggered by this modern life – and its occasional, infuriating dependence on printers.

Do you have your own printing horror story? Share your pain with other readers below!

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