Little Inklings – January: Bioinks & Better Recycling

Happy New Year! Welcome back to a fresh round of Little Inklings from Ink Express, our place for sharing the latest news, how tos and ideas from the worlds of ink and printing. Alongside helping you uncover amazing deals on printer ink, we take time each month to gather the most interesting articles and online resources all about our specialist subject!

This January we’re kicking off the year with a trio of stories, from a reminder of how the small business decisions can make a big difference, to an exploration of the very latest biological ink and a call to make chucking out ink cartridges illegal.

Qualvis Switch to Low Migration Ink


It may not be the type of ink you’d commonly use in your workplace printer, but news via Packaging News that print and packaging company Qualvis have invested six months in switching to using low migration inks in their products is proof of just how significant seemingly small decisions about thinks like ink usage can make a big difference to businesses. For our customers, opting for lower cost ink can make a big difference to their bottom line. For Qualvis, the wide-reaching upgrade means better compliance and greater protection for the brands they work with – particularly within the EU.

Scientists Research Biological Inks


This fascinating article published on Popular Science is a very interesting read for anyone that loves practical science which gives them a little taste of the future. The inks typically used for printers are the best options currently available, but they are heavily dependant on petrochemicals for their production. In this article, you’ll be introduced to two innovators who have been feverishly working on producing a bright blue dye made purely biologically – released by a very special bacteria called Streptomyces. Since then, the “biohackers” have managed to create several different pigments, all produced without chemicals. Very cool indeed!

Should Throwing Away Ink Cartridges be Illegal?


According to Lexmark, as reported on the Tech Week Europe website, the answer to the question of making throwing away ink cartridges illegal is a firm “yes”. The printing brand has recently called for the printer cartridge industry in Europe to make renewed efforts to cut down on waste and to penalise those who fail to dispose of cartridges responsibly. That so many hundreds of thousands of ink cartridges are sent to landfill and incinerators every year – with no opportunity for recycling – is incredibly wasteful and at odds with the Green image Lexmark have been working hard to embrace. Get the full story from Ben Sullivan.

Do you recycle your ink cartridges responsibility? If not, which barriers stand in your way? Have your say in the comments section below.

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