Little Inklings – March: HP Printers, HQs & Marketing Tips

Hello there and welcome back to Little Inklings, Ink Express’s regular digital spot for sharing helpful tips for small businesses and all of the latest printing news from across the world wide web.

It’s our job to make life easier and more affordable for SMEs by delivering affordable printer ink, when and where it’s needed. That’s why we like to keep our finger on the pulse and to collect great articles which could also help make your small business run better.

In this month’s round up; find out more about HP’s latest line of PageWide printers, aimed at small businesses, get some top tips on finding your SME’s next headquarters, PLUS pick up some great, low-budget marketing tips.

HP Launch PageWide Printers for SMEs


Earlier this month, HP unveiled a brand new line of PageWide printers, developed for and pitched at small businesses. Offering fast printing thanks to a fixed print head (inspired by the brand’s large format, commercial printers), the printers are also designed to be low maintenance and incredibly durable, with fewer paper jams and enterprise level performance with an SME’s price tag. You can read the full write up and learn more about HP’s latest small business offering in this blog posted on the Small Business Computing website.

How to Find the Perfect HQ for Your Small Business


Whether you’re considering an upgrade, need to downsize or simply have limited time left on your lease, picking the perfect HQ for your business is no walk in the park. Is your new premises commutable for your staff? Is it accessible for contacts and clients? How will the overheads fit in with your bottom line? Is your competition right on your doorstep?

There are lots of questions to ask when relocating your small business’s HQ, but as luck would have it, Intelligent HQ have a few helpful tips which will help you find the perfect place for SME success.

Marvellous Marketing on an SME Budget


They say that you reap what you sow, but for SMEs or startups with limited budgets, having enough seeds to sprinkle can be a big problem when it comes to marketing and getting your brand out there. Investing in good marketing is essential for any business which needs to grow, but in order to get the reach you need, investments need to be made.

But marketing doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, as Pine & Bars co. explain in this recent blog, there are lots of low-cost DIY ways to start promoting your business without breaking the bank. Time to start trying something new? We’d love to hear how you do.

Which “low cost” DIY marketing strategies work best for your business? How did you choose your current business HQ? Share your tips and stories with other readers below.

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