NEW! Refillable ink cartridge set for Epson Expression XP-225 XP-322 XP-422

Another addition to ever increasing range of refillable ink cartridges are the new generation to suit the very latest Epson Expression Home series printers. As Epson have done in the past they have released yet another new selection of printers; though they are not really new, they have just slightly changed the outer casing and changed the model numbers.

Refill ink cartridges for Epson XP-225 XP-322 XP422

The latest range use the same ink cartridge numbers as the previous machines so it was just a case of testing the refill ink cartridges to ensure they were accepted by the printers and did not cause any problems.

We are pleased to say that our T18 refillable ink cartridges worked perfectly on our test machines and are now released for sale. The latest machines which we are able to supply refill ink cartridges are-

Epson Expression Home XP-225
Epson Expression Home XP-322
Epson Expression Home XP-325
Epson Expression Home XP-422
Epson Expression Home XP-425

Epson XP-322 refillable ink cartridges

Like before our refillable cartridges install and work just like standard ink cartridges, simply fill them by injecting ink from our refill ink bottles directly into the cartridge and start saving hundreds of pounds on your printing costs.

Our T18 Epson refill ink cartridges are made from a strong clear plastic casing so the ink level is visible allowing the user to simply and quickly refill the cartridge back to full. The cartridges have rubber seals to allow the cartridge to be resealed after being refilled with ink and as usual have a special micro chip which fools the printer into thinking a new ‘full’ ink cartridge has been installed.

Refillable Epson T18 ink cartirdge

Refill ink cartridge Epson T18 series

The refillable ink cartridge sets are available to buy as a starter pack which includes 400ml of ink (equivalent to over 80 standard size Epson T18 ink cartridges)

Ink refill pack for Epson XP-225 XP-322 XP-422 printers

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