Little Inklings – November: Ink from Pollution & Polaroid Printers

A warm welcome back to Little Inklings, Ink Express’ s regular roundup of news, ideas and information from the world of printing. From helpful tips which could improve your working environment, to inspiring new technology, we collect the month’s most interesting stuff and distil it all into our Little Inklings roundup. Continue reading

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Waste Ink Pad Kits and Printer Reset Utility now Available!

At one time or another we have all seen the dreaded “Service Error” message appear on our computer screens.

“Parts inside your printer… end of life… blah blah blah… contact your service centre.”

And when you contact your service centre?

“I’m sorry, your printer is no longer serviceable, but we can offer you the brand new model at a discounted price of £££”

In this day and age of disposable technology some people don’t question this process, and scrap perfectly good printers on the advice of the manufacturer.  Not only is this irresponsible of the manufacturer for recommending, but also an awful ploy to get you to part with even more of your hard earned money. Well, we say “NO MORE!”

Presenting the Ink Express printer service counter reset software, reset key and waste ink kits!

Ink Express Waste Ink Kit

Ink Express have offered an Epson waste ink pad reset service at our Wolverhampton based store for more than 5 years, but that is little help to poor old Norman living up in the Scottish Highlands. The answer? Make our knowledge and utilities available to the public that can’t reach us.

You can now purchase complete waste ink pad reset service and waste ink pad kits from the Ink Express website for multiple Epson printer models. The waste ink pad kit will allow you to reset the waste ink pad counter on your printer, bypass your waste ink pad, and give your printer a new lease of life.

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Little Inklings – October: Abandoned Printers & Super Security

Welcome to Little Inklings, Ink Express’ s monthly digital space to share news, views and how tos all pertaining to printing. Each month we serve up great deals on ink and printing equipment, but as also share stories which anyone who depends on a printer will find interesting, from the light-hearted to the downright helpful.

This month, meet the woman who takes pictures of abandoned printers and uses them as art, discover DHL’s big printer mistake and find out how HP plan to make printers safer and more secure than ever before.

Abandoned Printers as Art


Unless you’re printing something beautiful, it’s not often that you associate printers with art, yet this is precisely what Brooklyn-based photographer Alyssa Blumstein has been doing over the last few months. After sighting several abandoned printers out on the sidewalks of New York City, she began photographing the discarded technology and spoke to Motherboard writer Jason Koebler about why.

You may have thought that Blumstien’s artwork is an investigation of waste, impermanence and consumerism, but, as Motherboard found out, the truth is that Alyssa just seriously hates printers – and she has some very interesting reasons why. Take a look at the blog to find out more

 DHL Printers Are Not Windows 10 Compatible


Whether you’re in eCommerce or have more traditional delivery needs, if you work with DHL you’ll know the company hand out printers to many of their customers for labels and invoices etc. – all to encourage more deliveries and keep processes nice and slick. Unfortunately, the company have appear to have run around this time, handing out printers to customers which aren’t compatible with Windows 10.

With a great many people already upgraded or about to upgrade to the new Windows OS, this is a huge spanner in the works and could turn out to be a very costly mistake for DHL. Get the full story from Chris and Dan over at Tamebay.

HP Announces “World’s Most Secure Printers”


Unprotected enterprise printers pose a significant security vulnerability, but if HP’s new plans to create the world’s most secure printers are to be believed, this could soon be set to change. Promising to create a range of hyper secure printers, and to offer upgrades for older machines which will see the “back door” left open to hackers and cyber criminals firmly shut. Get full details of the latest announcement from Tim Danton‘s informative blog on IT Pro.

Do you think your printer is a security risk? Do you hate printers as much as artist Alyssa Blumstein? Have your say below.

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Little Inklings – September: 3D Printing for the Masses

Welcome to Little Inklings, Ink Express’ s monthly roundup of the most interesting and helpful stories from the world of ink and printing. From office tips, to the latest 3D printing news, each month we collection the articles which make us go “ooh!” especially to share with you.

This month, find out how Staples are bringing 3D printing to “the masses”,  learn why printing professionals could soon be overtaken by robots and discover how much ink is left in an “empty” cartridge.

Staples Launches 3D Printing Service

front_3_4_epson_l555_1You may associate stationary and office supplies giant Staples with a more traditional kind of printer, but last week the multinational company launched its very first 3D printing service. With help  from 3D printing experts Sculpteo, Staples’ new online platform makes it possible  to upload new designs, customise existing ones and send your creation off to the printers. Once your design has been printed, it’s then posted direct to your door. Pretty cool, huh?

This exercise is all about making 3D printing accessible to everybody. While buying a 3D printer is still an expensive undertaking, this new option from Staples massively reduces the cost of 3D printing, while giving you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the technology and the design process. Thanks to Hilary Milnes of Digiday for bringing this story to our attention.

Are Printing Industry Jobs Under Threat from Robots?


For documents and reports, your office printers are perfectly adequate. When it’s time to get a little glossier, perhaps you’re producing a shiny new brochure or banner, you’ll most likely look to a professional printer. But in the coming years, it’s likely that actual “human” printers will gradually become extinct as automation takes the industry by storm.

According to this interesting post from Jo Francis for PrintWeek, fresh research from Oxford University on the subject of “The Future of Employment” paints a bleak picture for those hoping for a long career in printing. Included in the top 100 jobs at risk from automation, printers are estimated to have a 83% chance of losing their jobs to automation. The robots really are taking over…

This is How Much Ink is Left When Your Printer Says it’s “Empty”

At Ink Express, it’s our job to make ink as inexpensive and affordable as possible. Yet even with our great discounts, we know that ink can be a significant expense for many businesses. That’s what makes this video from Bellvue Fine Art Reproduction such an eye opener. The good folk at Bellvue took the time to open up cartridges their printer was indicating had just 1% of ink left and needed replacing. The results were startling.  Well worth a watch if you’re serious about cutting down on ink costs. Thanks to Mihai Andrei at ZME Science for bringing this experiment to our attention.

KJ-H Computing

We also want to take this opportunity to say hello to the home computer repairs heroes at KJ-H Computing. A recent contact we made online and would be happy to recommend.

How long do you use an ink cartridge after your printer registers it as empty? Is your job vulnerable to automation? What would you print with Staples’ new service? Have your say below.

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Little Inklings – August: Instagram Printers & a Pricing Revolution

A warm welcome back to Little Inklings, Ink Express’ spot for sharing fresh ink and printer news, from the hottest new technology, to the best ways to save money on printing. This month keep reading to find out more about Epson’s printer pricing revolution, the new printer that’s connected to Instagram and how you can print more web pages for less.

A New Dawn: Pricier Printers, Cheaper Ink


For decades now the formula amongst printer manufacturers has been more or less the same; build and sell affordable machines but make money on costly ink refills. For businesses which don’t get through much ink, this equation works out relatively well. But for “print heavy” companies, the cost of ink can be a serious expense.

Here at Ink Express we offer extremely competitive ink prices, but according to Chance Kinney of ChipChick the game is set to change with the introduction of Epson’s new EcoTank printer.

This printer will cost substantially more to purchase straight out, but can last for as long as two years on just one single ink cartridge, radically reducing the cost of printing overall if you make good use of your machine. Get the latest on Epson’s new game-changing printer on the ChipChick website.

New Canon PIXMA Prints Direct from Instagram


You may be used to printing off reports and the latest figures, but today’s printers are ready to print Instagram snaps directly from the web. According to Jaron Schneider of Resource Magazine, Canon’s brand spanking new line of PIXMA printers (including the MG7720, MG6800 and MG5700 models) will include the capability to print directly from any public Instagram feed. But is this a cool new feature, or a frivolous attempt to stay relevant in an increasingly social media dominated world?

The Instagram function may be a headliner, but the other types of connectivity the new PIXMA range offers are much more practical and appealing to serious consumers. From syncing with smartphones and tablets, to printing from Slideshare and sending scanned documents straight to OneNote, there are many more digital features worth writing home about which trump Instagram connectivity hands down. Get full details on Resource Magazine’s blog.

Printing Web Pages? Try Clean Print

Hand_Putting_Deposit_Into_Piggy_Bank_(5737295175)“America’s digital goddess” Kim Komando has more than a few clever online tricks up her sleeve, and Clean Print is certainly one of them. Designed to help you turn image and colour-rich web pages into much more economic, readable printouts, Clean Print is a free tool which could save you lots of money on printer ink. Simply install the tool in your browser and use it when you want to print from the web to cut down on waste. Thanks Kim!

Do you have any money-saving tricks when it comes to printing? What do you make of the new Canon and Epson printers? Have your say below.

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Epson Surecolor SC-P600 Continuous Ink System (CISS)

After vigorous testing  our continuous ink system (CISS) for the Epson Surecolor SC-P600 is now to order from our website.

Our SC-P600 ink system is the first available in the UK and we are pleased to say the results exceed expectations. The Surecolor SC-P600 is based on the Epson Stylus Photo R3000 and takes up where this flag ship model left off.

Epson Surecolor SC-P600 printer with CISS

The SC-P600 ink system will consist of a 9 chamber ink tank set comprising Yellow, Light Vivid Magenta, Light Cyan, Vivid Magenta, Cyan, Light Light Black, Light Black, Photo Black and Matte Black ink channels.

The external ink tanks sit along side of the printer and are joined to a set of 9 dummy ink cartridges which fit inside the printer just like the standard ink cartridges. The external ink tanks and internal ink cartridges are joined by a ribbon of PVC tubes.

Continuous Ink System CISS for SC-P600

Surecolor SC-P600 ink system

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Little Inklings – July: Portable Printers & InkJets Return

Hello and welcome to Little Inklings, Ink Express’ dedicated space for the latest news all about ink and printers. Whether you’re keen to get wireless with your printing, or want to stay up to date with the latest portable printers, we’ve compiled some great blogs this month to keep you in the loop.

Mobile & Portable Printer Market Set to Boom by 2020


The vast majority of us are used to seeing printers as unwieldy, frustrating and immobile tools which sit in a corner of the office and cause trouble once a fortnight. But as technology progresses, new ideas and fresh devices are making printers more mobile, more convenient and less of a frustration.

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Little Inklings – June: Chocolate Printing & Going Mobile

From 3D printers which create your exact design in pure chocolate, to setting up your system to allow mobile printing any time, any place, we’ve collected some of the most interesting news and resources from across the web for those of you interested in all things “printing”.

Dive in to find out which major etailers offer the best deals and printer buying experiences…

Mystery Online Shopping for a £100 Printer

All-in-One Color Printer

Are you searching for a sub-£100 printer for your home or small office? So too is Jade Burke, digital mystery shopper for PCR Online. In a recent exercise, Jade hit the search results to source the best printer and the best online printer buying experience for £100. After covering all of the major brands, Jade has uncovered what she believes is the best combined deal and experience – do you agree? Read the blog to find out!

  • Don’t forget, here at Ink Express we offer printing supplies to small businesses for less than you might expect. Explore our site to find great deals.

CocoJet 3D Printer Creates Delicious Treats

We’ve all stood vacantly next to the office printer waiting for crucial documents to arrive in the out tray, but imagine how much more exciting the experience would be if your office printer was printing chocolate…

Yes, we know it’s not practical in an SME environment, but as printing experts, we’re always fascinated by the latest developments in 3D printing, which is why this collaboration between Hersheys and 3D Systems has really captured our imaginations. The CocoJet project allows users to design their dream chocolate treat on PC, then print it out in full, yummy 3D form with the clever, culinary printer. Yes please! Thanks to Jason Brick of PSFK for the full, tasty report.

How to Start Mobile Printing


Mobile printing has been available for a little while now, but many businesses, particularly at the SME end of the spectrum, are not yet getting to grips with the technology. Yet the benefits are huge. From remote printing, to documents hot off the press while on the go, getting more mobile with your printing equipment can help businesses in a plethora of different ways.

Unfortunately, as ZDNet tech expert Alan Stevens explains, there is no unified, universal mobile printing system currently available. Instead, you’ll need to make some careful decisions about the tech you’re using. Fortunately, Alan’s blog contains plenty of helpful information about exactly how to do this, and how to find the right solution for you. Handy stuff!

Shout outs

We’d also like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to a great site we recently came across. has batteries for almost everything – handy for mobile printers!

Are you keen to start printing via mobile? How would it improve your business processes? What is the first design you would print in chocolate? Have your say with other readers below. Alternatively, for competitively priced printer ink explore Ink Express for great deals and discounts.


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Ink Express now supply compatible ink to suit Copytrax DaVinci Pro-6 disc printers

With the recent closure of specialist printer manufacturer Copytrax a lot of their customers are left without a supply of ink for their Copytrax DaVinci Pro disc printers.

We are pleased to announce that Ink Express can supply an alternative, compatible ink to suit the Copytrax DaVinci Pro disc printers. The alternative ink is very similar to the ink supplied by Copytrax, it produces vibrant results on disc media, no bleed and does not clog or block the printing head.

Our new Copytrax DaVinci inks are available to buy as single colours or as a set, the inks are supplied and sold in 500ml bottles and are a massive saving compared to the Copytrax DaVinci ink which was originally sold in 200ml bottles for around £40+VAT, our 500ml alternative inks are just £25+ VAT

Copytrax DaVinci Pro alternative inks can be found here


For a number of years Ink Express ltd supplied Copytrax Technologies with various components for the continuous ink  systems (CISS) used in a number of their printers. Any customers using Copytrax DaVinci printers who require spare or service parts for the ink delivery system can obtain them from Ink Express to ensure their printer stays in goods working order.

If any customers using Copytrax DaVinci printers require spare parts or ink supplies please contact us on [email protected] or 01902 307111 to discuss your requirements


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Little Inklings – May: Inky Rivers & Paper Mountains

From rivers running red with ink, to exciting desktop 3D printers and offices overwhelmed by paper, we’ve tracked down some of the most interesting ink and printing related titbits from across the world and web…

Belfast River Runs Red Following Printing Ink Spill


Biblical scenes greeted Belfast locals earlier this month as a packaging firm accidentally leaked 20-30 litres of red ink into the inaccurately named “Blackstaff River”, turning the tributary a terrifying shade of blood read.

According to Amanda Ferguson of the Belfast Telegraph, the firm claim the spill was non-toxic and safe to both humans and wildlife. A spokesperson for the responsible firm stated that the ink was both water-based and food safe, posing no risk to the local environment. Still, we certainly take better care of our printer inks than these guys…

How to Make Peace With “All The Paper”


Is your office constantly inundated with reams, stacks and veritable mountains of paper? From flyers through the door and receipts from last June, to crucial printouts from 4 months ago, it’s easy to feel daunted, dismayed and altogether cluttered by the sheer amount of paper an office can accrue. This is precisely the problem that productivity-boosting blog Unclutterer are here to help with.

It may sound over-engineered, but uncluttering expert David Caolo’s 3-step paper-vanquishing process is ideal for those of you who find yourself baffled by and buried in avalanches of paper on a regular basis. The problem doesn’t just leave your working space in a mess, it also makes it virtually impossible to find essential documents promptly, eating into your productivity. Time to fix the issue. David’s blog is a great place to start.

Are 3D Desktop Printers Becoming a Reality?

onpaste.20150519-144319-1-762x428We might specialise in workaday two dimensional printing ink and accessories here at Ink Express, but that doesn’t mean we’re not fascinated by the development of our little brother: 3D printing. This very cool gadget from SprintRay could be the next step in the 3D printer’s evolution, turning the formerly somewhat specialist bit of kit into an everyday desktop item.

Having already successfully crowdfunded its £64,000 target, SprintRay have now hit the £230,000 mark with their MoonRay product, indicating a substantial appetite for this type of product in the market. Realistically priced for designers, artists and hobbyists, the MoonRay 3D printer offers high quality 3D printing which allows 100 microns of detail on every layer. Pretty impressive. Join the Kickstarter here.

Would you be interested in a 3D printer for a little over £1K? How would it benefit your business? How do you cope with mountains of paper in your office? Share your tips and ideas with other readers below. Alternatively, for printer ink that doesn’t cost the earth, explore Ink Express for impressive deals and discounts now.

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