Subli-Sharp Dye Sublimation Inks now available from Ink Express

Dye sublimation printing has been around for over 15 years but only recently has the market opened to allow 3rd party resellers to supply inks for desktop format printers. Here at Ink Express we have been waiting patiently for market to open and been developing and testing our inks for dye sublimation printing.

We are pleased to announce the release of our ‘Subli-Sharp’ brand dye sublimation heat transfers inks, available for Epson and Ricoh printers.

We currently supply two different ink types one for Epson desktop models and one for Ricoh printers. Both are sourced from a US ink manufacturer and as you would expect are of the highest quality.

We often get asked if all dye sublimation inks are the same, in theory yes a dye sublimation ink works by a chemical change in the ink as it is heated allowing the ink to turn from a solid to gas instantly in turn this allows the ink to penetrate polymer coatings on various substrates transferring the printed image from paper on to the object.

However we have found that specific ink sets using specific shades and densities of colour help to produce better results depending on the printer you are using. Our Ricoh sublimation ink set for example is a lot darker and denser than the ink we supply for Epson printers. This is because Ricoh printers naturally do not apply a enough ink to paper whilst printing, so a denser ink is required to compensate for this.

Common applications for dye sublimation are ceramic mugs, phone cases / covers, cushions, t-shirts, mouse mats, the possibilities really are endless!

Our Subli-Sharp dye sublimation inks offer wonderful bright vivid colours and rich dense blacks offering a truly excellent final result at a very reasonable cost.

Here are some examples of 11oz coffee mugs produced using our Subli-Sharp inks on a Ricoh SG2100N printer-




Our Subli-sharp dye sublimation inks are available to order in sets or individual bottles, typically we sell them in 100ml capacity bottles with screw cap lids but we are able to supply in larger volumes up to 1 litre at discounted prices.

We currently supply our Epson dye sublimation inks in black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan and light magenta colours individually or in sets of 4 (CMKY) or sets of 6 (CMYKlclm) our Ricoh dye sublimation inks are supplied in black, cyan, magenta and uellow individual bottles or as sets of 4 (CMYK)

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