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Canon MX445

We stock a range of products for your Canon MX445.
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Compatible Ink Cartridges

What are Compatibles?

Compatible Ink

A compatible ink cartridge is a new cartridge (not refilled) produced by a third party manufacturer. They are predominately sold under 'own label' branding and they have no connection with the original ink cartridge manufacturer. Our compatible ink cartridges are manufactured to the highest standards. All our compatible ink cartridges are fully guaranteed.

Original Ink Cartridges

What are Originals?

Original Ink Cartridge

An original ink cartridge or OEM ink cartridges is the branded product of the printer manufacturer. Therefore, if you have a Hewlett Packard printer, the original ink cartridge will be manufactured by Hewlett Packard. As you would expect the printer manufacturer will always encourage consumers to buy their own branded product.