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Spare Parts series

For CISS spares, Ink Express has a full range of items to help you with your refillable ink systems. From elbow joints to spare cartridge packs, we offer a selection multipack options so you can stock up your CISS printer spares in one go.

Here at Ink Express, we have been developing printing cartridges and CISS systems for over a decade. With a wealth of experience, we're proud to say that we help many of our customers save over 90% in printings - every single year! CISS printing not only helps to get a better print yield, saving you lots of money on ink every quarter, but the way it's developed also makes it environmentally friendly.

So if you're looking for CISS spares for your business' ink systems, shop online with Ink Express today. We offer a huge range of spare cartridge sets, syringe and needle packs, spare elbow joints, cartridge brackets, joint seals, ink tank top joints or ink tank lower joints, tubing brackets, spare air filters, reset chips, inktubing ribbon and much, much more.

Simply shop below for the spare parts you need and rest assured that our parts will be despatched no later than 24 hours. Any orders placed before 3pm will be sent out from our UK warehouse on the same day.