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Service Reset Key for use with WIC Service Reset Utility Program

Service Reset Key for use with WIC Service Reset Utility Program

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Product Description

Reset Key for use with WIC Service reset utility programthe software is actually available in the public domain from and is free to download, however a serial key is required to use the software, and needs to be purchased in order to run the program.

We will provide a reset key on a disc by Royal Mail post, alternativley we can email the reset key to yourt email address if you prefer or need it quickly.

The reset key is a single use key and once used cannot be used again.

All EPSON printers have inbuilt counters that count up the number of pages a printer produces, the number of head cleans executed and various other attributes. Once a critical level is reached the printer will enter its service mode. Commonly this is shown by a message saying 'Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life.' At this point users are expected to either throw away their printer, and buy a new one, or pay to have a costly service by an engineer.
Inside all EPSON printers are foam pads which catch and soak up any 'waste' ink that is pumped from the ink cartridges during prints or head cleans. The printer has a counter that records ink usage and estimates when these pads will be full. At this point the printer shuts down and enters its 'service mode'.