Everything you need to know about Photo PaperWhat is Matte photo paper?
These papers give a flat, matte printed finish they use a clay coating to prevent colours from bleeding. This ensures sharp printing on photographs as well as text. Colours are kept bright and vibrant compared to plain uncoated paper as the ink does not bleed into the paper. Matte coated inkjet photo papers are generally cheaper than gloss due to the manufacturing process. Here at Ink Express we tend to sell our matte coated photo paper range in packs of 100 sheets with varying weights from 120gsm to 210gsm

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What is glossy photo paper?
Gloss coated photographic papers are the most common choice for users; the glossy, shiny printable surface offers a lab style printed result at home. Gloss coated photo papers use a resin to coat the paper this prevents the ink from bleeding into the paper and keeps the ink close to the surface. Here at Ink Express we stock a range of weights and sizes.  We stock two ranges of gloss photo paper; our standard gloss paper which is ideal for home users wanting a cost effective paper for home photo printing and our Professional gloss paper which has a nanoporous coating so is ideal for use with pigment or dye printers offering a fantastic finish and a true photo lab type print.

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What is pearl photo paper?
Our Pearl photo paper is a semi-gloss finish and is sold as many different names depending on the company or manufacturer. Semi-gloss, oyster, pearl and lustre are the all basically the same finish. Here at Ink Express one of our top selling photographic papers is our Nanoporous Pro Smooth Pearl Photo Paper.

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What does GSM mean?
GSM or grams per square metre is a measurement of how heavy a paper is, the higher the number the heavier and generally thicker the paper is, though this is not always the case. 80GSM is the standard weight for most plain uncoated office paper. Ink Express photo paper range starts at 120GSM up to 270GSM

What paper sizes can I print on to?
This all really depends on the printer you own. Most inkjet printers are A4 so can print onto papers A4 in size (297x210mm) this is an industry standard size. Common digital printing paper sizes are 6×4 inch, 7×5 inch, A4, A3 and A3+