Inkjet Heat Transfer Frequently asked Questions

Will this paper work with my inkjet printer?
Ink Express recommend Epson as a printer manufacture as we have tried and tested these inkjet printers with pigment ink. Other inkjet printers and manufacturers can be used. The paper does not perform well with thermal inkjet printers or dye based inks.

What ink is best to use?
We recommend pigment inks for best quality and wash ability, dye based ink doesn’t perform as well and wont produce the vibrant bright coloured images that we desire, they may also wash out or bleed in washing machine. Sublimation ink can also be used.

What print settings should I use?
Our dark transfer papers work well on the ‘plain paper’ paper type setting. Avoid using the best image quality settings as too much ink can cause colours to bleed.

Do I have to cut out my image?
Cutting around your image before applying is recommended as unprinted areas will appear as a white background on the fabric. You can cut out your image with a craft knife or scissors but contour cutting is recommended for best results. If contour cutting, set the blade to cut through the film layer only.

What colour(s) of fabric can I transfer onto?
This product is recommended for bright or dark coloured fabric. The transfer has an opaque (white) layer to hide the colour of the fabric.

Can this paper be hand-ironed?
The dark transfer papers can be hand ironed, however, some household irons are not able to reach required temperatures for the paper. Heat press application is recommended for best results as due to the lesser amount of pressure and heat, ironing on the product will not be as durable when laundered. If you intend to use a hand iron for this transfer paper then please purchase a smaller quantity of paper to check you are happy with the results.

How do I remove the backing sheet with ease?
If the backing paper does not peel off easily, tear the edge to begin the peeling process.

The colours are bleeding – what am I doing wrong?
If colours are bleeding/feathering, reduce the amount of ink coverage in the printer settings you can also try to increase/decrease the temperature you are pressing/ironing for. Do not expose to moisture and do not wash for at least 24 hours after pressing.

My images are cracking/peeling – how do I avoid this?
If your transferred image is cracking and starting to peel/lift at the edges add more pressure, try more/less heat and remember that larger images will need longer. Although using a domestic iron will work we strongly recommend using a heat press as it makes it much easier to control the heat and pressure when transferring your image. It is also worth considering that rounded edges on your transfers are more likely to last longer.

What is the drying time?
Drying time will vary depending on the printer, ink brand, ink coverage, and room conditions. Usually around 10-20 minutes.

How do I store the unused paper?
Store unused paper in the original package. Keep the open package in a cool, dry place.

How many washes before the transfer begins to fade?
On average you will get 20-25 washes before you start the see any cracking or fading. This will depend on washing conditions, quality of the initial print, ink used and general setup.

How to Wash?
• Wait at least 24 hours before washing
• Fabrics should be machine washed inside out
• No bleach, Air-drying. No tumble dryer
• Please use delicate/low temperature when drying the clothes
• To re-iron the transfer after washing, Iron the transfer for 10-20 seconds
• Never iron an unprotected transfer print