Bulk Refill – Magenta Dye Based Ink for Brother LC900 LC970 LC1100 LC1240 LC223

Magenta ink refill set for Brother inkjet printers which use LC900 LC970 LC1000 LC1100 LC985 LC123 LC223 series ink cartridges. This ink has been specifically formulated for use with Brother inkjet printers using the above ink cartridges.

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SKU: M139 Category:


Bulk Refill – Magenta Dye Based Ink for Brother LC900 LC970 LC1100 LC1240 LC223

Ink Express Pro Dye ink refills are specifically formulated for each ink cartridge or printer they are supplied for. All our Pro Dye ink refills are manufactured and sourced from one of the world’s largest ink manufacturers in Germany. Each ink is batch numbered and quality controlled to ensure superior print quality and reliability.

Ink Express Pro Dye based ink refills for use with Brother Inkjet printers are manufactured using premium grade raw materials under strict manufacturing conditions. Ink Express Pro Dye inks are specifically formulated for use with your Brother Inkjet printer to give superb quality results at a fraction of the cost of the manufacturer’s ink.

Our Pro Dye series inks use high end UV absorbers to offer good UV stability and light fastness. The higher quality UV absorbers results in an ink which does not fade as quickly as many of the cheaper generic inks in the market place.

Ink Express Pro Dye ink refills are designed for use with either bulk continuous ink supply systems (CISS) or refillable ink cartridges (RIC) to offer superior print quality whilst still saving the end user up to 95% on their ink costs.

This particular ink is designed to work with Brother Printers which use the LC900 LC970 LC985 LC1100 LC1240 LC123 LC223 series black ink cartridges.

Ink Express Pro Dye ink refill bottles are supplied in 100ml capacity bottles, they labelled accordingly to show the capacity, product code and colour. Once opened we recommend you store your Pro Dye ink refill bottle in a cool, dry environment, out of direct sunlight this will maximise the shelf life of our inks.

Ink Type:Dye base
M139: Dye base magenta ink for use with Brother to replace magenta

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Pack Size100ml, 200ml, 300ml, 500ml, litre


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