Compatible Epson 378XL Refillable Ink Cartridge Starter Pack

The Ink Express refillable cartridge starter pack offers a much more affordable solution to printing, with auto resetting chips these cartridges can be filled time and time again.

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Compatible Epson 378XL Refillable Ink Cartridge Starter Pack

Refillable 378XL Starter pack consists of-
6 x Refillable ink cartridges – Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light Magenta & Light Cyan
6 x 100ml bulk refill dye based ink (Black Cyan Magenta Yellow Light Magenta Light Cyan)
6 x 10ml Syringes and needles

The refillable Epson ink cartridge set can hold up to 10ml of ink. Additional bulk refill ink can be purchased from the Bulk Ink  section of our website.

All our 378XL compatible refillable ink cartridges are designed to be as easy to refill as possible, the cartridges have specific refill holes where you can easily refill using a standard 10ml syringe and needle.

Our refillable compatible ink cartridges use a hollow sponge-free design this allows for easier refilling, a higher ink capacity and prolonged life of the ink cartridges.

Our compatible refillable ink cartridge set come fitted with the very latest resettable microchips these allow the cartridges to refilled and reused again and again.

Simply fit the refillable 378XL compatible ink cartridge set, use as normal, when the cartridge is rejected or is shown as ’empty’ simply remove, refill and reinstall, the micro chip on the front of the refillable ink cartridge will reset automatically without the need for a cartridge chip resetter!

Our compatible refillable ink cartridge starter pack has everything you need to start saving money and the environment!


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