Epson Original 673 Ink Bottle Set For Ecotank Printers – Genuine Epson Ink

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Epson Original 673 ink bottle set for use in Epson Ecotank printers.

Contain 70ml per colour / bottle.

These are genuine Epson ink bottles. Unboxed, still in original clear packaging unopened.

Manufactured by Epson themselves to give outstanding results in the following Ecotank Printers;

  • EcoTank L800
  • EcoTank L805
  • EcoTank L810
  • EcoTank L850
  • EcoTank L1800

The newly designed bottle is built for ease of use.
The funnel of the bottle fits perfectly into the printers filling vent.
As a result ink spills become a thing of the past.

Simply press the bottle into place and the ink will flow into the printer without further assistance.

Everyday printing

Whether you’re printing off school homework or flight tickets, this ink series with four-colour dye inks provides a reliable, hassle-free solution.

Slash ink costs

Looking for an ultra-low-cost printing solution? From the first set of ink included with the printer, you could save 90% on ink costs on average. It’s not only affordable, it’s impressive how many pages just one set can produce – up to 4,500 pages in black and 7,500 in colour.

Specially engineered for ease of use

Epson’s ink bottles are easier to use than ever before with the next generation design. The re-engineered bottles provide mess-free refills, and only allow the correct colour to be inserted into the corresponding tank.


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