Subli-Sharp Black Dye Sublimation Ink for EPSON

From: £6.90


The process of sublimation involves the inks changing from a solid state into a gas when exposed to heat. This process happens without the ink becoming a liquid again. This gas adheres to sublimation compatible materials (ceramics, polyester, etc) leaving behind a high quality image.

These Subli-Sharp dye sublimation inks have been formulated for use with Epson desktop printing using micropezio printing heads. They are not suitable for use in RICOH or SAWGRASS printers as these require an ink with higher viscosity (thickness)

Inktec Sublinova sublimation inks are our favoured premium brand, however our own Subli-Sharp inks offer excellent value for money and good quality results. They are a great alternative for customers wanting to produce sublimation prints for lowest possible price.

The colour quality is superb, which can be seen on our sample photo.

Colours are vibrant, images are crisp, and clear, without “ghosting” or “bleeding”.

Black prints are also very sharp, and actually black, unlike most cheap dye sublimation inks which produce a dark brown/magenta instead of black after sublimating.

NOTE: due to the wide range of Epson desktop printers these inks can be used in we do not (as standard) provide ICC profiles for each specific printer, we do have ICC profiles for some models on file and are happy to supply these if required.