Compatible Canon PGI-580 + CLI-581 Refillable Ink Cartridge Starter Pack

The Ink Express refillable cartridge starter pack offers a much more affordable solution to printing, with auto resetting chips these cartridges can be filled time and time again.

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Compatible Canon PGI-580 + CLI-581 Refillable Ink Cartridge Starter Pack

High quality refillable ink cartridge starter pack for use with Canon PIXMA printer models which use the PGI-580 + CLI-581 series ink cartridges. This starter pack includes all that you will need to start saving over 90% on your ink and printing costs by allowing you to refill the ink cartridges rather than buying new manufacturer or compatible PGI-580 + CLI-581 ink cartridges for your printer.

The refillable ink cartridge starter pack includes the following-
5 x high quality refillable ink cartridges
5 x 100ml of specifically formulated ink refill bottles (100ml per colour C, M, Y, BK, PGBK)
5 x 10ml syringe and needles for easy refilling
The refillable Canon PGI-580 + CLI-581 refillable ink cartridge starter pack is supplied with a set of fully illustrated instructions as well as full email and telephone support should you require it.

Our refillable Canon ink cartridge set have been designed to be easily refilled they are made from a high quality PVC plastic which is clear so the actual ink level can be seen and the end user knows exactly how much ink is required to refill the ink cartridge.

Refilling our refillable ink cartridges is very easy to do; simply remove the cartridge from the printer, place the cartridge into the provided refilling retaining clip, remove the rubber refilling plug, refill the cartridge with a syringe & needle and re-install into the printer! Simple!

Not all refillable Canon PGI-580 + CLI-581 ink cartridges on the market are the same; our cartridges are of the highest quality and are fitted with the very latest microchips which reset the ink level displayed on the printer or computer screen, this means there is no need for 3rd party hardware or software to reset the ink cartridge levels. When a cartridge shows as empty, remove it, refill it and re-install it. The chip will reset and the ink level will show as full again and you can simple continue to print.

When refilling ink cartridges the ink is the single most important part of the process with this in mind we only source and supply the highest quality ink for our refillable Canon PGI-580 + CLI-581 ink cartridges which is manufactured in Germany. The ink we supply is matched as closely as possible to the manufactures ink type to ensure excellent print quality and performance.

The ink we supply with this refillable Canon ink cartridge starter pack is specifically formulated for use with in the Canon PGI-580 + CLI-581 ink cartridge series and will work with all printers that are designed to take this series of ink cartridge. We supply 100ml of each ink type to allow the user to refill their cartridges again and again.


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