Compatible Epson 604XL High Capacity Ink Cartridge Set

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SKU: COMP_604XL_SET-1 Category: Tag:


The Ink Express Compatible Epson 604XL high capacity Ink Cartridge set is a high-quality, affordable alternative to Epson original 604 ink cartridges.

The ink used in each cartridge is a colour and tension matched dye-based ink that rivals Epson’s own Claria formula, giving you economic printing without compromising quality.

Excellent for everyday use providing a cost effective solution to printing at home. Excellent value for money, offering great savings in comparison to the Epson originals.

Working efficiently in conjunction with our Epson printers to produce bright, vibrant prints – the combination of dye colours and pigment black inks produce minimal outlay and outstanding, high-quality results every time!

With the ability to print up to 350 pages of colour and 550 pages of black


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