Compatible Epson T0791-T0796 Ink Cartridge Set

This is a high capacity capacity compatible Multipack of Epson T0791-T0796 Ink Cartridges.

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SKU: BB-T0797 Category:


The Ink Express Compatible Epson T0791-T0796 Ink Cartridge  multipack is a high quality replacement for the Epson original T0791-T0796 ink set.

By making use of 6 individual cartridges the T0791-T0796 multipack ensures you get the most prints possible. Not having to throw away multiple colours when a single cartridge runs out can therefore save you over £50 in ink costs. Just replace the ink that has run out and leave the others in place.

The ink used in each cartridge is a colour and tension matched dye based ink that rivals Epson’s own Claria formula.
Resulting in economic printing without sacrificing quality.

The Ink Express Compatible Epson T0791-T0796 Ink Cartridge  multipack offers excellent value for money and offers a good saving compared to buying individual ink cartridges.

The multipack T0791-T0796 ink cartridge set includes one each of the following ink cartridges:
T0791 Black ink cartridge
T0792 Cyan ink cartridge
T0793 Magenta ink cartridge
T0794 Yellow ink cartridge
T0795 Light Cyan ink cartridge
T0796 Light Magenta ink cartridge