Compatible Epson T0807 Ink Cartridge Set

This is a high capacity capacity compatible Multipack of Epson T0807 Ink Cartridges.

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From: £12.00

SKU: BB-T0807 Category:


The Ink Express Compatible Epson T0807 Ink Cartridge  multipack is a high quality replacement for the Epson original T0807 ink set.

By making use of 6 individual cartridges the T0807 multipack ensures you get the most prints possible from each set of ink.
Not having to throw away multiple colours when a single cartridge runs out can also save you over £50 in ink costs. Just replace the ink that has run out and leave the others in place.

The ink used in each cartridge is not only colour matched but tension matched to rivals Epson’s own Claria formula.

Therefore giving you economic printing without sacrificing quality.

The Ink Express Compatible Epson T0807 Ink Cartridge  multipack offers excellent value for money and offers a good saving compared to buying individual ink cartridges.

The multipack T0807 ink cartridge set includes one of each of the following:
T0801 Black ink cartridge
T0802 Cyan ink cartridge
T0803 Magenta ink cartridge
T0804 Yellow ink cartridge
T0805 Light Cyan ink cartridge
T0806 Light Magenta ink cartridge


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