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Sublimation Continuous Ink System for EPSON Surecolor SC-P600 Printers

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Sublimation continuous ink system for use with EPSON Surecolor SC-P600 printers. As one of our supported sublimation printer models we offer a sublimation continuous ink system separately for this printer this allows buyers to retro fit their existing printer with a continuous ink system ready for sublimation printing. Please ensure your printer is in full working order before purchasing this item.

Sublimation Continuous Ink System consists of-
Continuous Ink System fitted with resettable chipset compatible to Epson Surecolor SC-P600
9 x 100ml Inktec Sublinova Smart Dye Sublimation Ink  – supplied pre-filled in the ink tanks
9 x 10ml Syringes and Needles
1 x Fitting kit comprising of brackets – detailed fitting instructions are also supplied
ICC profile – this has been made to match the printer / Inktec Sublinova ink and Subli-Sharp paper

What does it do?
It allows you to continually print without ever changing your ink cartridges. The system is made up of specialist ink cartridges which are attached to large external ink tanks via rubber tubing. The cartridges fit your printer like normal ink cartridges, the ink feed tubes are fixed to the printer casing using the supplied brackets and the ink tanks sit outside the printer to allow a visual level of the inks.

What inks does it come with?
We supply this continuous ink system for sublimation printing. It is filled with 900ml (100ml per colour including 2 x BK, 1 x LK and 1 x LLK) of Inktec Sublinova Smart Dye Sublimation ink. These have superior printing quality in various printing environments.

These inks have the ability to be used with traditional heat transfer methods using sublimation transfer paper.  For smooth ink flow without head clogging, InkTec make the particle size of dispersive dyes smaller, under 100nm (0.1um) and use high-class dyes to ensure prints keep their colour shade in harsh conditions.

These inks are the true standard for dye sublimation printing.

  • Fast drying time on transfer paper
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Universal for both direct and transfer printing
  • Intense and vibrant colours
  • Environmentally friendly : Free from formaldehyde, VOC’s and compliance with RoHS
  • Excellent light fastness properties

Provided complete with ICC profile which has been made to match the printer model, ink and our sublimation paper to give excellent colour reproduction following sublimation heat transfer process.

Please note – due to the integrated printer head and ink feed system (from ink cartridge dock to printing head) it is advisable to fit this system to a brand new printer that has not had inks previously installed. This eliminates the issues of having a mix of dye sublimation ink and the previous ink in the ink feed lines. We do have software that allows you to purge the ink feed system this removes the existing ink and primes the dye sublimation ink into the printing heads. This is available upon request post purchase.


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