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Acrylic Photo Frame

Material: Acrylic

Dimensions: 12.7cm x 17.8cm


  • 1 acrylic frame
  • 1 wooden LED lamp base
  • USB cable

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Sublimation Acrylic Photo Frame

Transform each cherished memory into a unique artwork with our sublimation acrylic photo frames. These frames, made of lightweight, durable acrylic material, offer a way to enhance your desktop and shelves. The acrylic material used accentuates the photo clarity and vibrancy. Additionally, the frames are paired with a wooden LED lamp base. The soft light emitted by the lamp intensifies the photo’s features, creating a warm ambiance at night.

Perfect for resale in the personalised gift market, these frames can be personalised with photographs of friends, family, and loved ones, making them ideal gifts for memorable occasions and anniversary celebrations.

Designed to be printed using dye sublimation inks and a flat bed clam shell heat press. For best results Ink Express recommend the InkTec Sublinova sublimation inks in combination with the Ink Express Subli-Sharp dye sublimation paper.

Click here to shop the InkTec Sublinova sublimation inks.

Click here to shop the Ink Express Subli-Sharp dye sublimation paper.

Bulk pricing available for larger quantities, please contact us direct at or alternatively call 01902 307111.

Pressing Time

60 seconds






Flat Bed Clam Shell Heat Press


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