Ink Express A4 Light Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

Ink Express A4 Light Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

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The Ink Express light heat transfer paper is designed for transferring all types of images onto white and light-coloured garments using inkjet pigment ink.

Create your own custom t-shirts and textiles with your inkjet printer using our affordable heat transfer paper. This opaque, inkjet-printable heat transfer paper is perfect for custom printing t-shirts that are white or light coloured and offers incredible opacity and durability wash after wash! Featuring a thin printable white transfer layer, our Ink Express heat transfer paper can be adhered to a wide range of t-shirts and fabrics including cotton, polyester and a mixed blend, making it the perfect all-round transfer paper for your prints.

Simply print your image with an inkjet printer with pigment ink, cut out your design with a contour (plotter) cutter or scissors, peel the film off the release liner and press onto your chosen substrate with a hand iron or heat press (heat press recommended).


  • Suitable for transferring all types of images onto white or light-coloured cotton or polyester fabrics (recommended for 100% cotton) perfect for printing custom designs on t-shirts, bags and other textiles.
  • Ink Express recommend Epson as a printer manufacturer as we have tried and tested these ourselves.
  • Transfers a thin white film background behind the image
  • Use a hand iron or heat press for application (heat press recommended)

We encourage our customers to test the product before purchasing large quantities – small quantities are available.

Size(s) available: A4 and A3 sheets.

Trouble Shooting Guide

  1. If the backing paper does not peel off easily, tear an edge to begin the peeling process
  2. If colours are bleeding/feathering, reduce the amount of ink coverage in the printer settings or do not expose to moisture
  3. If have cracks and edges are peeling, follow the instructions carefully – use strong pressure, the right amount of heat, and the right length of ironing time. Remember large images need more time
  4. If edge lift-off: Make sure the edges are rounded. Sharp edges have a tendency to lift off especially after multiple washes
  • Drying time will vary depending on the printer, ink brand, ink coverage, and room conditions
  • Store unused paper in the original package. Keep the open package in a cool, dry place


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