Subli-Sharp Magenta Dye Sublimation Ink for RICOH

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The process of sublimation involves the inks changing from a solid state into a gas when exposed to heat. This process happens without the ink becoming a liquid again. This gas adheres to sublimation compatible materials (ceramics, polyester, etc) leaving behind a high quality image.

Suitable for use in the following printers
Ricoh SG2100N
Ricoh SG3110DN
Ricoh SG7100DN
Sawgrass SG400
Sawgrass SG800

Our Subli-Sharp ink set is designed specifically for use in Ricoh printers. It has a higher viscosity (thickness) to match the original Gel inks the Ricoh printing heads are designed to use. Also our Ricoh ink set is made using dense CMY dyes. This helps to maximise the colour gamut and vibrancy of the transfer prints as Ricoh printers are very prone to produce faded, ‘washed out’ prints. With our inks this is not an issue, the finished transfer is bright and vibrant with rich colours and deep, dense black.

These inks will be provided in clear plastic bottles with screw cap lids.

Our Ink Express Subli-Sharp inks are an excellent alternative to some of the more expensive manufacturers sublimation inks. The colour quality is superb, which can be seen on our sample photo. Colours are vibrant, images are crisp, and clear, without “ghosting” or “bleeding”.


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