Sublimation Starter Package: EPSON ET-2850 – A4 Printer + 4 x 100ml Ink & Paper

Sublimation Starter Package: EPSON ET-2850 – A4 Printer + 4 x 100ml Ink & Paper


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The ET-2850 Ecotank is the ideal sublimation printer package, an A4 printer delivering low cost prints with wireless connectivity.

Due to the Ecotank that is built into the printer by Epson there is no need for any retrofitting or modifications of a CISS or RIC. This really is the easiest printer to set up for sublimation printing.
Just pour in the ink and go!


Not only is this printer easy to use, but it offers excellent value and includes some amazing functions you won’t find on other printers.

The main attraction of this printer is the Ecotank, and the biggest advantage of it is the fact that it will never ask for ink. No ink out messages will interrupt your printing, meaning you can stack up the paper feed and leave it printing indefinitely. The printer will never stop printing if it has ink in the tank and paper in the feed. For this reason alone, multiple customers have switched to this system.

The Et-2850 is designed for your convenience, this cartridge-free EcoTank comes with the equivalent of 88 cartridges worth of ink. This reliable and easy-to-use model features an enhanced ink filling system,a 3.7cm LCD screen, SD card slot and double-sided printing


  • Ultra-low-cost prints
  • Easy fill Ecotank system
  • Epson-quality, reliable results: Micro Piezo technology
  • User friendly: Hassle-free with simple set-up and maintenance
  • Flexible: Wi-Fi connectivity and easy mobile printing
  • LCD screen to manage standalone


The ET-2850 sublimation bundle includes;

  • Epson Ecotank ET-2850 printer
  • Inktec Sublinova Smart Ink –  100ml of each colour, 200ml black (C,M,Y + 2 x K)
  • 100 sheets A4 Ink Express Subli-Sharp Sublimation Paper
  • 4 x syringes and needles
  • Custom ICC profile
  • fully annotated instruction guide


Inktec Sublinova Smart Ink is one of the most renowned and high-quality sublimation inks available on the UK market. They also offer the added ability to be used as a direct to garment ink in DTG printers making use of Epson Micro Piezo print head technology.

Manufactured for use in Epson printers, Sublinova Smart ink is designed to allow users to heat transfer images onto most synthetic materials. These include materials such as polyester, ceramic mugs, spandex, nylon, sublimation plates / slates, and a plethora of other sublimates.

Images created with this ink are vibrant in colour, and also incredibly sharp.
The black ink offers unparalleled black transfer resulting in unrivalled monochrome reproduction.
This has the added benefit of eliminating unsightly brown or orange tones on any of your sublimated items.

Making use of InkTec’s “dispersed technology” Sublinova Smart inks offer unrivalled print quality, also providing the added benefit of not clogging your printer head. Although specifically formulated to work with DX4 and DX5 printheads thorough testing has proved it to prove no problem in TFP heads and other Micro Piezo systems.

Furthermore Inktec Sublinova Smart ink is an environmentally friendly product.
Not only ROHS Compliant, but VOC and Formaldehyde free.These inks are also accredited with the prestigious Eco Passport by the Oeko-Tex® Association

The ink is supplied in 100ml sealed bottles the bundle includes 100ml of each colour cyan, magenta and yellow and 200ml black to fill the larger tank. Each colour is supplied in a labelled bottle containing 100ml.

A4 Ink Express Subli-Sharp Sublimation Paper 100 sheets –  This Premium Quality A4 (210 x 297mm) Sublimation Paper is designed for use with dye sublimation inks to heat transfer images onto sublimated items. Ink Express Subli-Sharp Dye Sublimation paper has been manufactured specifically for dye sublimation applications. Ideal for use in sublimation inkjet printers such as Epson and Ricoh; colours appear rich and vibrant, while the lines of the print don’t bleed, creating an unrivalled picture quality.

Subli-Sharp papers smooth finish permits ink to sit slightly under its surface allowing for an instant dry finish straight out of the printer. This means the print can be instantly pressed without having to worry about wet ink ruining your print when the paper is applied. Designed specifically for use with harder substrates Ink Express Subli-Sharp paper gives the highest quality finishes on ceramics, metals, plastics and coated glass. The reason for this lies in how the ink sits


ICC Profile: an ICC Profile is used to match the colours the printer produces as closely as possible to the colours displayed on the computer screen. An ICC profile is made to match a particular printer, paper and ink setup.  A custom made ICC profile is provided with this package and has been made to match the ET-2850 printer, Inktec Sublinova Smart Ink and Subli-Sharp Paper to ensure the best possible results. The ICC is provided on a CD disc. For MAC users we can email the profile if needed.

To use an ICC profile ensure the image editing software is capable of handling colour management. Popular software choices are Adobe Photoshop, Elements, Coreldraw, GIMP Design and Serif Affinity.

For ICC profile installation and image editing software settings, view our YouTube Channel:


Warranty: It is important to note that this bundle includes a standard Epson inkjet printer supplied for the purpose of sublimation printing. The additional items within the bundle enable the end user to ‘convert’ the printer to be used for sublimation printing. As such we do advise potential buyers to be aware this may affect the manufacturer warranty. Any concerns should be addressed with the printer manufacturer. The printer is brand new and includes manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months (1 year) and covers all aspects of fault or failure excluding the printing head as non-genuine inks are being used.

Inktec Sublinova Smart Sublimation Ink

To view our Inktec Sublinova Smart Sublimation Ink for the Epson Ecotank 2850, please click the link below:

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