Subli Glaze Sublimation Coating Spray – UV Protection 400ml

Providing a polymer layer which sublimation inks can bond to allow effective image transfer.

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Subli Glaze Sublimation Coating Spray – UV Protection 400ml

Subli Glaze™ is the only do-it-yourself sublimation coating solution that is designed to enable sublimation decoration on a whole range of surfaces such as ceramic, wood, glass, plastic, metal or stone. Coat substrates quickly and easily, making almost any surface sublimation ready, expanding your creative options and product range with these exceptional value coatings.

Subli Glaze™ Sublimation Coating facilitates the image transfer allowing sublimation inks to bond onto the polymer substrate; without Subli Glaze™ Sublimation Coating the image will not transfer.

With Subli Glaze™ you can sublimate onto dark, or black substrates, and it also protects against U.V degradation. Its aerosol spray can is designed for ease of use and easy application.

Subli Glaze™ UV Protection sublimation coating can be applied at the end of the sublimation process – after the image has been transferred, to add a layer of protection against ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to ultraviolet light can over time cause image fade; Subli Glaze™ UV Protection Coating reduces the effects of UV image fade.


How to use Subli Glaze™ UV Protection Coating 400ml

  1. Shake the can well for 1 minute.
  2. Ensure the surface to be coated is clean, dry, and free from grease.
  3. Apply Subli Glaze™ UV Protection Coating smoothly and evenly, holding the can approx. 250mm (10?) from surface using light passes at room temperature.
  4. Air Dry for 24 hours. The substrate is touch dry in approx. 1 hour, and fully cured in 24 hours.


Simple to apply just spray and dry:

  • Touch dry after 10 minutes at room temperature
  • Hard dry after 4 hours at room temperature

Subli Glaze UV can be force dried at elevated temperatures of 80c for 5 mins for full cure.

This product was previously known as ‘Digi Coat’and has been re-branded to ‘Subli Glaze’.


Also available in the Subli Glaze range:

Subli Glaze Translucent Coating – [Click here]

Subli Glaze™ Translucent sublimation coating is used when working with clear substrates such as glass or acrylics, where the image needs to be transferred to the back of the substrate, allowing light to pass through it. Subli Glaze™ Translucent White Coating is applied after Subli Glaze™ Clear Coating is applied. The image transfers through the white coating so when viewed from the correct side the image has a white background.


Subli Glaze Clear Coating – [Click here]

Subli Glaze™ Clear sublimation coating is suitable for use on ceramic, metal, wood, glass and slate giving you a glossy finish.


Subli Glaze Matte Coating – [Click here]

Subli Glaze™ Matte sublimation coating gives you a satin / matte finish. Use Subli Glaze™ Matte Sublimation Coating to provide a polymer layer which sublimation inks can bond to allow effective image transfer.


Subli Glaze Opaque White Coating – [Click here]

Subli Glaze™ Opaque White sublimation coating is used when working with dark coloured substrates or substrates that do not allow any light to pass through them. Subli Glaze™ opaque white coating is applied before the Subli Glaze™ Clear coating to give the substrate a white background on which to transfer the image. Suitable for use on metals, glass, ceramic, and certain plastics.


Subli Glaze Adhesion Promoter – [Click here]

When you are applying your chosen Subli Glaze™ product to any hard substrate with a smooth surface such as metal, glass or acrylics, Subli Glaze™ Adhesion Promoter is first required to allow your chosen Subli Glaze™ product to bond effectively to the substrate. Prevents separation of coating and substrate after pressing.


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