Easy Fill Ecotank Compatible Caps for Inktec Sublinova Ink Bottles 4/5 Set

From: £5.95


Make filling your Inktec Sublinova Smart Dye ink easy with the NEW Easy Fill Ecotank compatible caps from Ink Express. There is no longer any need for needles and syringes, or refill bottles just simply add your Easy Fill cap and fill – it couldn’t be easier!

How to use;

  1. Unscrew the cap
  2. Remove foil seal
  3. Screw on the easy fill cap
  4. Remove the outer cap
  5. Prepare the required Ink tank for filling
  6. Invert the bottle directly over the tank (Do not squeeze)
  7. Close the tank and printer cover
  8. Reset you ink levels if required (simply follow the keypad prompts on the printer display).
  9. Proceed to fill all remaining tanks requiring ink using the same process
  10. Clean bottle top with a cloth or tissue and secure outer cap after each use.


Our Ink Express Easy fill caps make filling your Ecotank printers quick and easy. When the ink tank is full, ink refill will be stopped automatically so you can top up the levels without any spillages.

Our caps are available to purchase in quantities of 4 and 5. For the Ecotank models with two black tanks the same black ink cap can be used.

For use with Inktec Sublinova Smart Dye bottles only.